2015-16 PSA Season Highlights

Due to some technical difficulties, I didn’t realize that my website was still up and running, but now that I do- I will be updating it more regularly! But, here’s what you missed!

At the beginning of October, I reached my first PSA final! In the first round I played #1 seed Catalina Palaez (COL) in three games. While she wasn’t in her best form due to an injury I felt great on court and was hitting great drops. After a straight forward second match against Melissa Alves (FRA), I played fellow Canadian Hollie Naughton. After being down 2-0, I managed to regain focus and composure and battle back to win the match 3-2. I was ecstatic to reach the final and play Nele Gillis (BEL). Despite having a 1-0 lead, she was more consistent on the day and took the title. While I was disappointed to lose at the time, it was reassuring to finally make some progress and go further into the draw.

In January, in the middle of a 5 tournament stint, I claimed my first PSA title in Berwyn, USA! It was a memorable tournament, not just because of the result, but from the large snowstorm that hit the eastern USA and affected the tournament schedule. After having a practice session Friday morning in preparation for my match that evening, I found out that my opponent dropped out of the tournament. The next morning I woke up excited to start the tournament and play my first round match against No. 1 seed Millie Tomlinson. However, after looking outside the window and seeing 35 inches of snow outside and receiving a message that the tournament would be pushed back at least a day, I relaxed, ate, and watched netflix for the day. On Sunday morning, we heard the tournament was back on! I was nervous because I hadn’t been on court and knew I’d have to play my best to beat Millie. After being down 2-0, I somehow battled back to win the match. It was one of my most memorable wins of the season. Later that day I won my semifinal against Thaisa Serafini (BRA) 3-0. Due to the storm and change of schedule, my Monday morning flight was rebooked so I could compete in the final against Georgina Stoker (USA). I was super nervous and feeling on edge throughout the match, but with some coaching from my family via Skype, I managed to pull out the match and walk away with the title.

One of my favourite tournaments of the year is the 15k CFO Calgary Consulting Services Women’s Week Open that is played at the Winter Club. It is such a privilege to play in front of a home crowd, have your coach there, sleep in your own bed, and have your friends and family supporting you in person. The atmosphere and support helped me stay positive and focused throughout my matches. After two three-game matches against Lee Ka Yi (HKG) and Sachika Ingale (IND), I played Christine Nunn (AUS)  in the semifinals. We had some long rallies and it was a battle, but she was more consistent than I was that day. To this day, its the best result I have had in a tournament that big and I am very happy with how I performed.

While I have showcased my best results, there were some losses along the way, but after finishing my first season on tour, I am very proud of the progress I have made and am feeling optimistic about the upcoming season.

For a more in-depth, full view of my PSA results last season, please check out the results page 🙂


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Canadian Professional Squash Player, Cornell '15

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